The 700 Mark is an event which marks the 700th day after the Open Beta Test of Dragon Nest SEA was released. The event also doubles as a major patch, releasing new features and implementing changes to existing aspects of the game.

Update OverviewEdit

Colosseum EnhancementsEdit

  • Rank Info feature introduced.

New Guild Levels & RewardsEdit

  • Guild maximum level increased from 25 to 30.
  • Items added to Guild Rewards Shop, including the Chu Chu gesture.

System Graphics ImprovementsEdit

  • "Low" option for effect quality added.
  • Option to enable or disable party member skill effects added.
  • Skill cooldown timer color tweaked for easier viewing.

Multiple UI EnhancementsEdit

  • Added two skill slots.
  • Guild Contribution Levels window added.
  • Invisible Thief location changed.
  • Last town visited is now shown in the Stage Clearance menu.
  • Help Window now automatically pops up whenever a character below Level 15 enters a town.
  • Rank Reward waiting time removed.
  • Skill Window can now be closed by using the ESC key once.
  • Fatigue reset time now easier to view.

Desert Storm Episode 1Edit

  • New storyline added.

Four New DungeonsEdit

More Concurrent QuestsEdit

  • Quest limit increased from 25 to 40.

Daily Stamp ImprovementsEdit

  • Daily Stamp rewards no longer need consecutive days per week to be eligible for rewards.
  • Tooltips for Daily Stamp missions added.

Nest Hell Mode Reward Box ChangesEdit

  • Jewels moved from Gold Boxes to Silver Boxes.

Changes to Monster Actions and DebuffsEdit

  • Attacks performed on knocked down monsters will be more accurate.
  • Super armor added to mobs above medium size.
  • Mobs will now show the reduced duration of debuffs cast against them.
  • Attribute attack resistance removed from stage mobs.

Union of the WorldsEdit

  • Unified Colosseum introduced in preparation for the Dragon Nest World Championships.
    • Characters created in this Colosseum will start as Level 60 characters of a desired class, with a complete set of Sea Dragon Equipment and 1,000 Goddess Medals.

New Cash Shop UIEdit

  • Search function for Cash Shop items added.

Discount Coupon Achievement RewardsEdit

  • Cash Shop Discount Coupons added as rewards for specific missions.

Costumes of the MonthEdit

  • Added Vaper Costume Set.

New Cash ItemsEdit

  • Added Hero's EXP Scroll (gives 100% additional EXP for one day) and the Skill Tree Expansion Ticket (allows one character to use an additional skill configuration without using Initialization Scrolls upon use).


  • August 18, 2011 is 698 days from July 16, 2013, when the 700 Mark Patch is to be released.

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