The Academic Station is a machine that acts as a channel of communication between Jasmine and the Player if playing as an Academic and a source of data that allows learning of Academic skills and acquisition of information relevant to Lagendia's history. Academic Stations are found in conspicuous places in towns and cities across Legandia, usually near other skill trainer NPCs.

Academic Stations are a product of Berlin Corporation.

Skill Trainers
Warrior : DuncanChandlerRodrigoPedro
Archer : DeannaAdelynnIthilienZenya
Cleric : ThomasJermainEnochJohan
Sorceress : CynthiaTianaStellaTamara
Academic : Academic Station
Kali : Hermit's Totem
Assassin : Shadow Neko
Lencea: Eltia
Machina: Martial Artist Xiaolong

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