An account is a user's subscription to Dragon Nest and the representative of the user to the publisher of the game, Cherry Credits. Within Dragon Nest, an account is required to access and play the game itself, while outside, it can be used to play other games hosted by Cherry Credits, and can also be used to contact Cherry Credits and vice versa.

In Dragon Nest, an account allows the user to make up to a total of 12 characters regardless of server.

Account SecurityEdit

Since one's account requires personal information such as name, age, e-mail address and other details, it is recommended to secure one's account to avoid losing precious items in-game or having your account misused for illegal activity.

Here are some tips to avoid having your account compromised:

  • Do not publicize your account information to anyone. Avoid other people from knowing your password and personal info, particular those used in the account. As much as possible, do not keep a physical copy of said personal information.
  • Avoid visiting and clicking links to suspicious sites. To avoid accessing phishing sites that can steal account information, one must tread lightly when visiting the Internet. Free domains like those which end at .tk, among many others, may lead to sites that can steal account information.
  • Be careful when opening e-mail messages. There are some e-mail messages that may look like a genuine e-mail from Cherry Credits, but it may be an impersonation in progress, especially if the e-mail requires the user to reply by giving out account information. When in doubt, do not open e-mails from suspicious sources.
  • Ignore and report posting of illegal activity in-game. If one has the time, report any messages that post site addresses of obvious scam sites and others which disobey the Game Abuse Policy to avoid others from falling victim.
  • Always remember: Even Game Masters are not authorized to ask for account information. Thus, if someone posing as a Game Master is asking for passwords and other details through mail, it's most probably a scam attempt.

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