Gender Female
Race Goddess
Age Immortal
Alias "The World Mediator"
Relatives Desmodeus (father)
Vestinel (sister)
Status Poisoned; under eternal sleep
Voiced by Minori Chihara (Japanese, Drama CD)
Additional Information

The goddess Altea is the creator of the world of Lagendia. She is also supposedly the source of the powers of the Cleric Order through Divine Magic. After being poisoned by her sister Vestinel, she is currently in a state of sleep, where her painful nightmares manifest as the Abyss and her tears materialize into valuable gemstones.


Altea is often depicted as a maiden with long hair, wings on her back and smaller ones on her head. In most statues depicting her image, she is dressed in a robe, and has her eyes closed, symbolizing her eternal sleep. Some depictions also has her carrying a blue stone on her hands.


A Game Between GoddessesEdit

Altea statue
Altea had a competition with Vestinel to determine which of the two will be the one who will receive the most favor from their father. Their game became which creation will be the better one, and they created a world each. Altea's world filled her father Desmodeus with joy, while Vestinel's world frightened him. As a result, Altea won over her father's heart. Vestinel, jealous of Altea's victory, decided to poison Altea, and since she as a god cannot die, Altea was forced to endure a long time in a deep sleep, pained by Vestinel's poison. Meanwhile, Lagendia continued to flourish, although Altea's condition began to manifest itself into the world.

Rise of Divine MagicEdit

During the early years of Lagendia, a powerful Sage who was able to fight the Black Dragon singlehandedly was looking for disciples with which he can share his knowledge. One of the two people he chose was Jacob, a loyal worshipper of Altea. Jacob's newfound knowledge of magic became the basis for Divine Magic, or magic derived from Altea herself, and he would propagate this knowledge to many others, creating the Cleric Order later on.

Into the AbyssEdit

Without an antidote to Vestinel's poison, Altea continued to suffer from the effects of the poison. As a result of this, Lagendia begins to change as well. New realms, more hostile copies of those already existing in Lagendia, can be found, and these realms would later be called as the Abyss, distinguishable for having a thick white mist that covers the entire landscape. In the Abyss, creatures are more fierce, and venturing inside unprepared can be a swift death sentence. Also, Altea's very tears manifest in the Abyss as spherical stones aptly called Tears of the Goddess, a sign of Altea's constant pain under the effects of Vestinel's poison.

As of the present time, Heraldry Scholars throughout Lagendia ask the help of adventurers to give information about the Abyss and to vanquish the beasts that reside there.

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