Altea Blessing Points, abbreviated as ABP, was a system which rewarded players who run dungeons by giving bonus experience and drop rates until the player depletes a particular amount of points given to him daily or weekly. It was first introduced during the early stages of the game's release, and the SEA server was the first server to introduce such a concept.

It has been replaced by the Fatigue system since Version 70.


The Altea Blessing Points system was an initiative by Cherry Credits' producer Addison Kang, who decided to implement a different system to the concept of fatigue, which was implemented in the Chinese, Japanese and Korean servers of Dragon Nest.[1] Instead of crippling the gameplay of players, a rewarding system was introduced, giving a boost to a player's experience gain and enemy drop rates.

Players start with 300 ABP per day, with an additional 700 that replenishes at the end of a week. ABP is consumed every time a player clears a dungeon, and when a player's ABP reaches 0, the player's experience rate and enemy drop rates will return to normal.

At Version 70, the ABP was replaced with the Hybrid FTG system, which combines the features of ABP and FTG systems, while retaining the capabilities of the player to enter dungeons even when one's fatigue is completely depleted.


  • Version 70 (August 27, 2012) - Replaced with the Fatigue system.
  • Open Beta: Added.


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