Ancient Dragon
Gender Genderless
Race Dragon
Hometown Lagendia
Status Deceased; essence scattered throughout Lagendia
Additional Information

The Ancient Dragon was one of two dragons created by the goddess Altea during the early history of Lagendia, given the duty of protecting Lagendia from hostile elements.

During the War of the Ancients, Chaos and Ancient attacked the Beyond Dragon, who came from the evil goddess Vestinel's Mist Land to destroy Lagendia. In the ensuing battle, the Chaos and Ancient Dragon were victorious in vanquishing the Beyond Dragon, but it also left the Chaos Dragon corrupted to the point of insanity. The Ancient Dragon was forced to kill Chaos before it could hurt anyone in its rampage.

Upon its death, the Ancient Dragon's essence broke into three crystal-like fragments that scattered throughout Lagendia. Eventually, these fragments gave birth to new dragons later called as Ancient Descendants.

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