The Ancients are a race of beings who flourished in Lagendia during its early history. They are known for their advanced technology and widespread knowledge in magic, although war amongst themselves brought them close to extinction.

At the present time, there are very few traces of Ancient lineage in the inhabitants of Lagendia. Among those confirmed to have blood ties with the Ancients are the inhabitants of the Hermit's Village, the only remaining survivor of which is the Kali, and Rose. It is later revealed that there are still surviving members of the Ancient race, although they are hidden in a village protected by a powerful magic that prevents anyone from entering it.


Ancients are considered to be one of the first races to flourish during the early days of Lagendia's creation and were the first protectors of Altea's dream world. Using the knowledge they possess, they created various technologies, creating constructs out of stone, powered using magic, and producing mysterious pieces of metal that possess useful abilities — heraldries. During the time of the Ancients, they establish various settlements throughout Lagendia, particularly those near present-time Prairie Town and Riverwort Wharf.

However, the age of the Ancients was put into turmoil when the corruption of Vestinel and the Beyond Dragon caused much of the population to turn evil, and two sides are formed amongst the people. A war broke out between these two sides, and after a widespread battle, the remaining inhabitants of Lagendia attempt to rebuild their damaged settlements.

Meanwhile, the powerful sage Bishas Arnobius, whose corruption was reversed by Nereid, decide to teach the ways of magic to a rising race called humans, and after choosing his disciples in Jacob and Marian, he left for parts unknown, although it is said that the sage may have traveled to the Hermit's Village as well.

Ancient meet up
After the events during the War of the Ancients, the surviving members of the Ancients left for a certain village, where they would stay for the rest of their lives while surrounded by a protective magic set up by a powerful priest. During this period, the Ancients were once again separated by conflict when those those do not have talents and those who are naturally gifted began fighting each other. As the death of the village priest came, this power struggle persists up to this day, as recorded by Maha, a "powerless" Ancient who claimed the might of a towering beast in an effort to become stronger against the prejudice of the gifted Ancients.

On the other hand, with the death of the priest who kept the village of the Ancients separated from the rest of Lagendia, some of the inhabitants of the village began to explore the world outside. Due to their striking resemblance to humans, the Ancients were able to integrate into human society.

That is, until the birth of the Descendant of the Ancient.

Noted AncientsEdit

  • Bishas Arnobius
  • Nereid


  • There is also a class called "Ancient" in the game, although this class is not playable. Among the items that can only equipped by Ancients are Leica the Storm and Stormy Sceptos.

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