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Anu Arendel
Loading anuarendel worldzone
Location Accessible through Saint Haven Eastern Gate
Race/s Elves
Instance Info
Instance Type Field map
Recommended Levels At least Level 60
Party Size Limit 1-4 players

Anu Arendel is the hometown of the elves who compose the Silver Crescent Archers, allies of the Saint Haven Royal Army who have helped in the Black Dragon Raid. They are currently led by Queen Narsilia, who as Nerwin led the Silver Crescent Archers as part of the Six Heroes, and she is currently residing in Anu Arendel as the Queen who has finally attained her telezia. Anu Arendel has been released with the installment of the Version 113 patch on Feb. 11, 2014.


Anu Arendel's exact location has not yet been revealed, but it is said that it may be accessible by land or sea, based on how elves can easily journey to Prairie Town.

With Version 113 now patched, Anu Arendel can now be traveled to the East Gate of New Saint Haven, featuring new dungeons.

Chapter 10 TeleziaEdit

(Note: This chapter is divided into the different classes, exept for the archer, who has a special role in the chapter. The remaining classes have the same storyline.)

Anu arendel is featured in the chapter 10 main quest. The dragon followers and the apostles are planning to corrupt the tree of life and to stop the conclave. 

Gallery Edit

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