Anu Arendel Ordeal Nest
Location Accessible through Garden of Time and Space (Level 70)
Race/s Various
Boss Guardian of the New Moon Fel Guardian
Instance Info
Instance Type Ordeal Nest
Recommended Levels At least Level 70
Entry Ticket Tree of Life Blessing
Party Size Limit 6
Bosses and Mini-bosses

Poison Frog Mage Augur + Rusty Mist Howler
Furious Aera Venom + Roaring Treant
Great Duks Arks + Wolf King Lycan
Ignacio Gigante
Guardian of the New Moon Fel Guardian

The Anu Arendel Ordeal Nest is a Level 70 nest that combines the Guardian Nest and Mist Nest into a 6-player instance that brings tougher challenges than the two nests combined.

Lore Edit

The power of the Tree of Life tends to weaken during the succession of the Queen's throne. These are hard times for the residents of the forest as the invaders and the corrupted ones try their luck in conquering the place. The forest cannot be protected by the Elves alone.

Since the ancient times, the Elves were aided by the Guardian of the Forest in protecting the Forest of New Moon. The Guardian maintains harmony and stability of the forest by borrowing the power of Tree of Life, and acts as a strong protective barrier against intruders.

However… The Guardian started to become corrupted by the Goddess's nightmares as the power of the Tree of Life weakened. Elf Elder is worried that the Guardian's hiding place might be discovered by the intruders.

And recently, an evil man named Ignacio has broke in to the Guardian's sanctuary. He used the Dragon Followers to use the power of the Ancient's relic, and he is trying to control the Guardian. Adventurer, if you don't do something, the Guardian who had already been weakened by the Goddess's nightmares might lose himself.

Overview Edit

Ordeals Edit

  • Ordeal of Impatience - The stage must be cleared within 180 sec. Failing to do so will cause the monsters in the stage to deal 300% more damage.
  • Ordeal of Disease - A random party member receives a debuff that infects a nearby party member. Infected allies lose 15000 HP every 2 seconds for 25 seconds, and the debuff duration is refreshed whenever an infected ally moves closer to another infected ally. The debuff cannot be cured or removed through other means.
  • Ordeal of Electrocution - Electrocutes all party members for 25 seconds.
  • Ordeal of Sudden Depletion - All players lose half of their maximum HP and MP, which is recovered at the end of the ordeal.
  • Ordeal of Fracture - Players receive a debuff similar to Bone Crash, causing attacks received to deal an additional 50000 damage. Lasts 30 seconds.
  • Ordeal of Sudden Light - A blinding light envelops the entire screen, hindering sight. The minimap is not affected.
  • Ordeal of Stagnation - Removes buffs from players and debuffs from mobs. Also prevents players from receiving buffs and prevents mobs from receiving debuffs.

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