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This class is a Spin-off class
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The Arch Heretic is a second specialisation class of the Heretic.

When Heretic can control Goddess’s nightmare, he can use the power to awaken as Arch Heretic. When awakened, his speed on the ground increases substantially and his weapon is changed to “Heretic Sword” that can be extended to increase attack power or attack range.

Overview Edit

Faith is a strange thing. It cannot be seen, felt nor held, except through one’s heart. Its very strength lies in one’s beliefs. Like the power of dreams, it can be a great driving force towards goodness… or evil.

For faith, when wavered, begins to taint the once pure soul. And when faith is completely broken, the nightmares will unleash in its stead. Behold the Arch Heretic!

Skill Tree Edit

Arch Heretic Transformation
Arch Heretic
ArrowRight Quick Dash
Quick Dash
Saw Blade
Saw Blade
Power Accelerator (A) Power Accelerator (B)
Attack Accelerator (A) Attack Accelerator (A)
Class Mastery
Class Mastery
Enchant Buff Brutal Soul
Enchant Buff (Brutal Soul)
Enchant Buff Pain to Gain
Enchant Buff (Pain to Gain)
Class Mastery II
Class Mastery II
Arch Heretic EX A
Arch Heretic EX (A)
Arch Heretic EX B
Arch Heretic EX (B)

Skill List Edit

  • Arch Heretic Transformation - Transform into Arch Heretic with the Nightmare Power. Increase Physical attack by a certain % of STR. Nightmare Skills are enhanced with additional range or damage. Nightmare Skills include: Execute, Evil Hand, Carnage, Savage Attack, Guilty Attack, Devastation, Cruel Rush
  • Saw Blade - Spins your sword rapidly while it descends slowly. Press normal attack while descending to launch it to the front immediately.
  • Class Mastery (Arch Heretic) - Gain 1 [Nightmare Power] every 2 sec. Reduce the CD of Land Corruption by 2 sec when Nightmare skills hit enemies. Each Nightmare skill can only reduce the CD once during each cycle.
  • Class Mastery II (Arch Heretic) - Increase the damage of Deadly Blow by 50% every second, up to max 1000%. When Deadly Blow hits enemies, the damage increase accumulation is reset. Increase 30% physical attack.
  • Quick Dash - Enhances Sliding Step after transforming to Arch Heretic. Dashes a longer distance.
  • Power Accelerator A - Final Damage is increased by 10%.
  • Power Accelerator B - Dark Elemental Damage is increased by 15%.
  • Attack Accelerator A - Damage of all Nightmare skills used after transforming into Arch Heretic increased by 5%.
  • Attack Accelerator B - Whenever you attack hit enemies accurately with Critical, 5% additional damage occurs.
  • Enchant Buff (Brutal Soul) - Enhances Brutal Soul. Gain additional 15% Critical rate when casting Brutal Soul.
  • Enchant Buff (Pain to Gain) - Enhances Pain to Gain. Increase the [Nightmare Power] gained from casting Pain to Gain to 50.
  • Arch Heretic EX A - Enhances Transform Arch Heretic. Increase 10% physical attack when transforming into Arch Heretic.
  • Arch Heretic EX B - Enhances Transform Arch Heretic. Increase 5% physical attack and reduce damage received by 10% when transforming into Arch Heretic.

Changelog Edit

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