Arch Heretic
Arch Heretic Transformation
Infuses the body with the power of nightmare to transform into [Arch Heretic]

When transformed, the character's Physical Attack Power increases proportional to the character's strength. Also, some attack skills are changed into [Nightmare Skills] with enhanced effects.

[Nightmare Skills] List:
[Evil Hand]
[Savage Attack]
[Guilt Attack]
[Cruel Rush]

Lasts for 100 sec (PvP: 15 sec)

Learned by
Class Arch Heretic
Type Buff
Attribute Dark
Cooldown 10 sec (PvE)
60 sec (PvP)
Maximum Level 4
Character Level 45
Skill Points 65 SP used on Heretic skills
Required Skill/s Death Gate
Learning Fee 3 SP to learn
1 SP to level
Gameplay Video
Arch Heretic Trans00:03

Arch Heretic Trans

Skill Information Edit

Skill Level Level Required Physical ATK increases by [ ] of STR ATK
1 45 3% 350% 225%
2 55 6% 400% 250%
3 65 9% 450% 275%
4 (M) 75 12% 500% 300%

Bonuses in Arch Heretic Mode Edit

  1. Enhance nightmare skills. ( available only in Arch Heretic Mode )
Nightmare skills Skill Damage modifier Effects on skills MP cost modifier
Execute - Increased attack area, debuff added 57 MP > 115 MP 129 MP > 258 MP
Evil Hand +50% (PvP: 25%) Increased damage, can use Savage Attack by additionally entering the [Normal Attack Button] 163 MP > 326 MP 462 MP > 925 MP
Carnage - Increased attack area, increased action speed 17 MP > 34 MP 104 MP > 208 MP
Savage Attack +50% Increased damage 584 MP > 1169 MP 1388 MP > 2777 MP
Guilt Attack - Increased attack area - -
Devastation - Increased damage 144 MP > 289 MP 1736 MP > 3472 MP
Cruel Rush - Increased area, increased movement speed 333 MP > 666 MP 694 MP > 1388 MP

Arch Heretic Skills
Arch Heretic Transformation Arch Heretic Quick Dash Quick Dash
Saw Blade Saw Blade Arch Heretic Power AccelA Power Accelerator (A) Arch Heretic Power AccelB Power Accelerator (B)
Arch Heretic Attack AccelA Attack Accelerator (A) Arch Heretic Attack AccelB Attack Accelerator (B)
Class Mastery Class Mastery Enchant Buff Brutal Soul Enhanced Buff (Brutal Soul) Enchant Buff Pain to Gain Enhanced Buff (Pain to Gain)
Class Mastery II Class Mastery II Arch Heretic EX A Arch Heretic EX (A) Arch Heretic EX B Arch Heretic EX (B)

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