Attack Accelerator (B)
Arch Heretic Attack AccelB
Whenever your attack hits enemies accurately with [Critical], 5% additional damage occurs.

[Selective Skill]
You can learn either Type A or Type B.

Learned by
Class Arch Heretic
Type Passive
Maximum Level 1
Character Level 55
Skill Points 65 SP used on Heretic skills
Required Skill/s Arch Heretic
Learning Fee 1 SP to learn
Gameplay Video
No Movie Available

Arch Heretic Skills
Arch Heretic Transformation Arch Heretic Quick Dash Quick Dash
Saw Blade Saw Blade Arch Heretic Power AccelA Power Accelerator (A) Arch Heretic Power AccelB Power Accelerator (B)
Arch Heretic Attack AccelA Attack Accelerator (A) Arch Heretic Attack AccelB Attack Accelerator (B)
Class Mastery Class Mastery Enchant Buff Brutal Soul Enhanced Buff (Brutal Soul) Enchant Buff Pain to Gain Enhanced Buff (Pain to Gain)
Class Mastery II Class Mastery II Arch Heretic EX A Arch Heretic EX (A) Arch Heretic EX B Arch Heretic EX (B)

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