Beginning of a Legend Part IEdit

Beginning of a legend 1
Velskud: If you have nothing to fear, just show us your luggage. If the check point responds, you will not be able to proceed.

Geraint: These sound like dialogues in a show. I should go inside. Make way please.

Velskud: You're not going through. Your actions have been rather suspicious. I will not let you through without a proper investigation.

Geraint: Perhaps I should tell you then, I have a meeting with the King.

Velskud: Crazy bunch of Lunatics! Guards! Arrest him!

Barnac: Oh, wait! Maybe there's an explaination for all these! Why are you standing behind!?

- Brotherhood of Steel Leader [Barnac] -

- Captain of the Greywood Fortress Soldiers [Velskud] -

Karacule: How long must we wait for a fool?

- Fairystar's Successor: [Karacule] -

Common: Is he... Cursed?

Common: Darn you, he is not suffering from the strange curse!

Common: Oh, do not jinx me! Oh, there's a priest here.

Karacule: Hypocrites.

Nerwin: Helping others is a good thing, is it not?

Karacule: I tried to be good now and I became a hypocrite.

Teramai: Thanks for your help. My name is Teramai.

- Templar Knight [Teramai] -

Velskud: The damage seems to have stopped spreading.

Karacule: I am Karacule Fairystar and I accompany Nerwin to this journey.

Nervin: Nice to meet you. Nerwin is my name and I come from the Kingdom of Elves. We would like to talk about an agreement.

Barnac: Hahaha! This is delightful. Barnac! From the Brotherhood of Steel for mercenaries, by mercenaries!

Geraint: I am Geraint. Geraint Dra... Geraint will do.

Geraint: A song could make one feel better.

Beginning of a Legend Part IIEdit

Beginning of a legend 2
Geraint: Finally, the time has come. The Dragon Raid shall be tomorrow.

Velskud: Geraint, don't worry about it. We will win, for sure. Let's have a toast and pray for victory tomorrow.

Barnac: Ah... I do not like the feeling after a night of drinking! Shh! The Captain is saying something.

Geraint: Move on! Do not be afraid!

Geraint: Your daily advancement report will help your children's future.

Geraint: Attack!

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