Bishas Arnobius
Gender Male
Race Ancient
Age Unknown
Alias Sage Arno
Relatives Nereid (wife)
Gaharam (daughter)
Kali (granddaughter)
Current Location Unknown
Status Deceased
Additional Information

Bishas Arnobius, also known as Sage Arno, was a powerful Ancient who is known as the originator of human magic that is widely used at the present time. Long ago, he was corrupted by evil and turned against his fellowmen, triggering the War of the Ancients, and was responsible for summoning a fragment of the Goddess Vestinel, later known as Lunaria, into Lagendia. At the end of the war, a reformed Arno, consumed by remorse, performed many deeds, some of which later claimed as questionable in hindsight.

Profile Edit

History Edit

Family life Edit

Little is known about Arno's personal life. Before the events in the War of the Ancients, Arno was a man respected by many. He had a wife named Nereid, who is also well-versed in magic, and a daughter named Gaharam.

Corruption Edit

During an ongoing struggle between Ancients corrupted by evil, Bishas Arnobius chose to deal with the problem through diplomatic means. However, after trying to talk to the corrupted Ancients, Arno was consumed by evil as well, agreeing that the world created by Altea must be cleansed by all means necessary. Under Arno's rule, the corrupted Ancients performed various experiments, including the creation of a manmade dragon using the bodies of many Ancients as a vessel. He also performed a ceremony in a temple located in Disappearing Half Moon Desert that summoned a fragment of Vestinel, which is capable of opening the portal that may lead to Altea herself, the Monolith.

Nereid spent most of her life looking for an artifact that can undo Arno's corruption, and eventually created the Mirror of Truth, which she then used on Arno, who was eventually captured.

Atonement Edit

After regaining his senses, Bishas Arnobius became overwhelmed with remorse after causing a war that killed many of his fellowmen. Eager to make up for his mistakes, Arno urged those who were previously corrupted to help in doing something to atone the evil they caused. However, his plea fell on deaf ears, as none of them wanted to bear responsibility for the crimes committed during the war.

Consumed by guilt, Arno decided to take things into his own hands. After gathering his fellowmen, Arno ordered them to be melted down into a crystalline seal that would prevent the Monolith from being opened by forces within Altea's land. Arno only spared his daughter Gaharam, although she would eventually bear the responsibility of guarding the seal and being a Prophet.

During his long period of atonement following the War of the Ancients, Arno met two humans named Marian and Jacob and taught them about magic. The two eventually became the founders of Vision Magic and Divine Magic.

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