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Bishop Ignacio
Npc left bishop
Gender Male
Race Ogre
Age Unknown
Occupation Bishop of the Cleric Order (formerly)
Adviser to King Cassius III (formerly)
Current Location Anu Arendel
Status Deceased
Voiced by Yōsuke Akimoto (Japanese)
Additional Information

Bishop Ignacio is the representative of the Cleric Order in Saint Haven Castle. He is known for being treated with distrust by Fairystar's representative Lady Kayleen, but is also one of the four advisors of King Cassius III, handling affairs with Clerics and, in one instance, leading adventurers in missions that would benefit the opposition against the Dark Overlord Army.


During the battle between Saint Haven's forces against the Dark Overlord Army, Bishop Ignacio, Lady Kayleen and Duke Stuart argue over who will assist General Douglas' soldiers in subsequent campaigns. With Lady Kayleen and Duke Stuart refusing to cooperate due to their personal reasons, Ignacio decides to employ the Player in accomplishing several missions to cripple the forces of the Dark Overlord Army. With the Player's successes, the Saint Haven Royal Army, led by Geraint and Argenta, was able to secure Rose and defeat her captor Velskud in the form of the Black Dragon, although at the cost of Geraint's eyesight. Despite Bishop Ignacio's interest in seeing the Prophet and her saviour, the protection that isolates the Saint Haven Castle Basement from everyone except the Player and Argenta made it impossible for him to visit Rose personally.

Bishop Ignacio then tells the Player to investigate then defeat the Sea Dragon, which threatened Saint Haven, suggesting that Geraint should join the Player since he is the only one capable of defeating a Dragon. After Geraint dies battling the Sea Dragon, Ignacio shows his true colours as a Dragon Follower, betrays the Order, and kidnaps Rose. Afterwards, he sent his forces into Saint Haven and successfully destroys the city. However, the inhabitants survived to rebuild a New Saint Haven.

Bishop Ignacio was seen again in Anu Arendel.

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