Bizarre Aura

Recommended Level


Prerequisite Quest

Cynthia's Request Part 2

Succeeding Quest

Vision Orb I


  • Talk to Cleric Jake
    • Talk to Cleric Jake at Frost Hill
    • Frost Hill -> Cleric Jake
  • Find the monster's trace that attacked the cart
    • Go towards Frost Wind Valley and find traces of the monsters that attacked the Cleric's cart.
    • Frost Hill (Frost Wind Valley Pass) -> Frost Wind Valley
  • Talk to Master Sorceress Cynthia
    • You found a Cleric's Rosary . Report this to Master Sorceress Cynthia at Mana Ridge.
    • Mana Ridge -> Master Sorceress Cynthia


EXP 1600

1 Silver Coin

20 Copper Coins

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