Black Dragon Karas
Gender Genderless
Race Dragon
Age Unknown
Current Location Varies
Status Deceased
Additional Information

Karas is the Black Dragon created as an experiment by Ancients a long time ago using a broken fragment of the Chaos Dragon. 50 years ago, Karas raised an army to destroy the world of Altea. The Golden Dragon Geraint formed the Six Heroes to combat the Black Dragon. Before its jewel was taken by Velskud, Karas manifested as an artificial dragon created by combining multiple Ancient test subjects into a vessel for the dragon. Velskud stole its jewel after the Gold Dragon Geraint slew the Black Dragon, but eventually loses the jewel to Rozalinde. It was turned over to King Feather, but in turn was snatched back by Argenta, who absorbed it into her body and was killed by Velskud at her request.


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