Black Dragon Nest
Location Ruins of Old Saint Haven (accessible through Garden of Time and Space)
Race/s Human
Boss Black Dragon Feder
Instance Info
Instance Type Raid Nest
Recommended Levels 70
Entry Ticket Red Curved Jade
Party Size Limit 8
Bosses and Mini-bosses

Black Dragon Feder

Black Dragon Nest is a level 70 Raid Nest, the fourth dragon raid released in Dragon Nest.

This nest has since been removed from the Garden of Time and Space and occurs as a normal dungeon.

Lore Edit

King Feder, the destroyer of Saint Haven and the leader of the Dragon Followers, is a fearsome man with the powers of the Red and Black Dragons flowing through his veins. Even though Saint Haven was rebuilt to be better than before, the horrifying attack and burning of the city still haunt the dreams of its citizens. But this is no normal Nightmare… the dark dreams have become so warped and twisted that it’s become a Dragon’s Nest!

With each passing night, more of Saint Haven’s citizens are sucked into the same Nightmare as it leeches on their fears to grow stronger.

If nothing is done to stop it, the Black Dragon of their Nightmares will gain enough power to cross over from their dreams and into reality… where he will spread his destruction once again!

You must stop the Nightmares, not only for your sake, but for the sake of the citizens of Saint Haven! Rise to arms and relive the horrors of that fateful day. Face your fears again and defeat the heart of the Nightmare once and for all!

Overview Edit

Stage 1: Saint Haven Bridge Edit

Stage 2: Saint Haven Underground Prison Edit

Stage 3: Underground Prison Gate Edit

Stage 4: Eastern Saint Haven Edit

Stage 5: Western Saint Haven Edit

Boss Stage: Nightmare of the Black Dragon Edit

Rewards Edit

Changelog Edit

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