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Npc right saint blacksmith dwarf
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 57
Occupation Blacksmith
Relatives Borin (cousin)
Dorin (cousin)
Corin (cousin)
Molin (brother)
Unnamed wife
Current Location Saint Haven
Voiced by Raphael Barker (English SEA)
Additional Information
Star Sign Leo
Blood Type O
Height 162 cm
Weight 70kg
Likes Pure minerals
Old rarities
Hound supplies
Dislikes Chandler
Foreign guests
Animal Lovers Association
Affiliation Golden Goose Guild

Blacksmith Berlin is the blacksmith assigned to Saint Haven. He is friendlier than his cousins and also really proud of his work, but is very sensitive to criticism.

In the future, he establishes his own companies, the Berlin Corporation and the Berlin Museum.


By a twist of luck, Berlin discovers large amounts of a certain black liquid from a piece of land he bought from Master Sorceress Stella. As it turns out, the black liquid was an effective fuel source, and earned a profit from his discovery. He soon used his newfound riches to push through technological research with the help of Heraldry Scholar Stas.



  • "Ah... My back hurts."
  • "Hello there."
  • "These days, my fingers hurt when it gets cold."
  • "You remind me of my youth."
  • "My cousins? Oh yes, we look alike."


  • "My cousin is a darn good blacksmith too, like me! Hahaha..."
  • "Very well young adventurer, hehe."

Trade InterfaceEdit

  • "Mmm... Let me give you something useful for your journey."
  • "Take your time."
  • "My stuff is awesome, eh?"


Berlin Bromide Preview
To befriend Berlin, players require the title Minus' Hand. He is one of the characters that provides Bromide when the Friendship bar reaches 90%.

When the Aversion bar was still active, gifting Dishonest Merchant Pero caused aversion points to Berlin.

Fondness QuotesEdit

  • "You are always welcome here."


It's me.

"Are you doing well? I have gathered some great items and I have saved aside one for you. Do come back and visit me more often."


Berlin Bromide


  • Because of the kind of pains he describes, Berlin may suffer from Arthritis.
  • He is a huge fan of the pop idol Harori.
  • During the quests Harori's Hero that involves rescuing Harori at Forsaken Islet Core, he demonstrated being able to battle, rushing to the area alone and rescuing Harori before the player can even reach the place.
  • Many of the Academic's gadgets are of Berlin's brand.
  • He is listed as Human in the Goodwill Album, however, during conversations he calls himself a Dwarf.
  • A lot of players have comically blamed Berlin in-game whenever their weapons/gear break during enhancing by him.

In other localizationsEdit


North American name


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