Boosting is the practice of assisting a lower-level character in leveling in exchange for items or gold. Many players boost players to gain high amounts of gold and items in a short period compared to completing dungeon runs alone, although the process of boosting may be tiring to those who are not used to it.


Boosting is most often done by players with a character that is already at the current level cap, but still wants a way to earn money with as little FTG consumed as possible. Players who want to boost others will form parties with lower level characters and will organize an agreement with those who will be boosted, whether if Keys of Dimensional Box, other items, or gold would be surrendered to the booster each run. If an agreement has been set, the party will enter an agreed-upon dungeon for as many runs as the booster or the boosted player/s desire.

Common Boosting AreasEdit

  • Sigh Canyon [Level 9-16]
  • Dark Tower Magic Institute [Level 16-24]
  • Flooded Downstream Ruins [Level 24-32]
  • Gates to City of Death [Level 32-40]
  • Riverwort Village Ruins or Closed Ice Valley [Level 40-50]
  • Meteor Crash Site Boundaries [Level 50-60]
  • Golden Meadow [61-70]
  • Abyss of Heat [71-75]
  • Wailing Wall [75-80]
  • Blue Wind Plains [81-90]

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