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Calderock Village
Loading cataractgateway
Location Near Cristal Stream
Race/s Humans
Instance Info
Instance Type Town
Recommended Levels Level 10

Calderock Village is a town located near Cristal Stream and a key settlement in the battle against the forces of the Red Army up to the present. It is protected by hills on its key positions, including the entrances to the town, and is fully fortified with logs supporting the only two ways to enter the town.

Twenty years ago, it was attacked by the Red Army when they sought for Rose, the descendant of the Ancient who was recently born and was fleeing from the army. Her father, Leonard, led the attack and the current job instructors we know of today fought to protect Calderock. It is a peaceful village and it has airships that travel to Saint Haven, one of which is the Nautilus.


Calderock can be reached either by foot from Mana Ridge or Prairie Town or by airship from Saint Haven. Following the road leading outside both towns will eventually lead to Cristal Stream, and Calderock Village can be reached by taking the leftmost path.

Talking to Ticket Agent Sorene in Saint Haven can allow adventurers to travel to Calderock from Saint Haven.

Noted NPCsEdit

Skill TrainersEdit

Merchants and ServicesEdit

Quest Givers and Miscellaneous NPCsEdit


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