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  • C2H5OH (Alcohol) - Throws a flask of alcohol that lowers the resistance of Fire and Ice Elements by 15%.
  • Magma Punch EX - Enhances Magma Punch damage, for added feature, three fists will shoot an uppercut and leaves the target burned.
  • Ice Beam - Charges Kabala of pure frosty pleasure to release an icy blast that instantly freezes targets. produces 1 Alchemy Bubble.
  • Ice Punch EX - Enhances Ice Punch by summoning three fists, Can cast twice as a One-Two Combo plus the enhanced Magma Punch to dish out a powerful combo.
  • Magma Wall EX - Enhances Magma Wall by summoning four more pillars and radiates heat for a set duration, the blast zone also Increases.
  • Elemental Harmony - When you use a skill that is Fire or Ice related, you will get a buff that increases Fire and Ice attack for 10%/5% (PVE/PVP) for a set duration.
  • Magma Wave EX - Enhances Magma Wave, damage increased by 30%, after the wave, the ground is left burning for additional damage.

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