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  • Love Virus - Fires a beam of virus that infatuates enemies, those who are affected will turn against it's former companions for a set duration.
  • Injector EX - Enhances Injector, healing effect will now affect allies as well.
  • Heal Shower - Immediately heal and cure all allies nearby and enhances all the attribute attacks for a short period of time.
  • Disease EX- Throws three flasks in a fan shaped way, Enhances poison and duration.
  • Poison Charging EX- Enhances Poison Charging, Click Special Attack Button for another spray of poison jumping away at a safe distance.
  • Chemical Harmony- Gets a buff when using Poison and Healing related skills, the buff increases Magic Attack for 10%/5% (PVE/PVP).
  • Poison Break EX- Enhances Poison Break,After the skill is activated, you can click Normal Attack button for additional damage or Special Attack Button to heal nearby allies. All additional actions will not be affected by bubbles.

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