• Burning Hand- Increases the Critical hit rate of Fire-based Spells.
  • Fire Ball EX- Enhances  Fire Ball, Normal Attack for the Single but Extra Explosive Magma Ball and Special Attack for Three  Balls of Fire.
  • Rolling Lava- Summons Molten hot Lava towards a straight Line, Explodes when reached Max. Range.
  • Inferno EX- Enhances Inferno, Range is Increased an Aoe is Increased, Click Normal Attack for Added Stagger effect.
  • Fire Wall EX- Enhances Fire Wall, Click normal Attack for Added Flame Burst.
  • Flame Mastery- Increases Fire Elemental Damage by 10%/5% (PVE/PVP)
  • Flame Road EX- Enhances Flame Road Damage by 30%, Added Explosion forms After the Ride.

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