Cerberus Kakalri is a creature with 3 heads of a dog and was said to come from Hell itself. During the Black Dragon Raid, Nerwin managed to make it fall into a deep sleep (but also, making the surrounding troops fall to sleep as well.)

However, 50 years later, the Cerberus would awaken from it's slumber due to the Black Dragon's resurrection and has been tasked to safeguard the perimeter of the Black Mountain, now being the master of it's own Nest, the Cerberus Nest.

Abilities Edit

  • Paw Swipe
  • Paw Stomp
  • Hindleg Kick - Kakalri attacks a player behind him by using his hind paws.
  • Roar - Delivers a powerful roar that knocks away attacking players in front of him.
  • Pounce - Kakalri leaps into an player (most often a stationary one who is far away from range), knocking it down for physical damage.
  • Multiple Fireballs - Kakalri's left head spits out numerous fireballs that travel in a straight line.
  • Dark Lightning Stream - Kakalri's center head unleashes a powerful lightning bolt that electrocutes players in its path.
  • Dark Lightning Storm
  • Ice Ball - Summons a slow-moving ball of ice that follows a random enemy. The player caught by the ice ball becomes frozen.
  • Hailstorm
  • Firewall
  • Flame Road (Hell only) - Upon leaping, Kakalri leaves behind a trail of flames that burn enemies who step on them.
  • Lightning Ball (Hell only)
  • Frost Mist (Hell only)
  • Summon Ironclad Bulldogs - Triggers when Kakalri only has one life bar. Calls forth numerous Ironclad Bulldogs scattered across a large area.

Strategy Edit

Cerberus Kakari has 3 heads, which will cast spells in different element: Fire, Ice and Lightning. Each of these heads also has a separate super armor gauge, which depletes when a head is attacked by skills and normal attacks. When a head's super armor gauge is depleted, that head would be stunned rendering that head unable to attack, although Kakari can still retaliate using his melee attacks or its remaining heads.

It is advised to avoid taking on Kakari head-on and attacking from directly in front, as most of Kakari's attacks target the area in front of him. Also, his Ice Ball would be harder to evade if one is directly in front of him.

The main tip in taking on Kakari is to watch out for his skills and attack from the sides, watching out for shifts of aggro and any of his AoE skills.

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