Chakra Miracle
Chakra Miracle
Miracle Chakra is sent to the allies. The Chakra heals allies.

Recovers 20% (PvP: 10%) of total HP

Learned by
Class Light Fury
Type Buff
Attribute Light
Cooldown PvE: 60 sec
Character Level 45
Skill Points 65 SP used in Bringer skills
Required Skill/s Ring of Energy
Learning Fee 3 SP to learn
Gameplay Video
Chakra Miracle00:04

Chakra Miracle

Additional InfoEdit

  • Has a very wide aoe radius. Usually affects everyone in the party regardless of distance.
  • Upon cast, it cannot apply the buff on allies that are high in the air.
  • It also affects NPCs, such as your partner in Hero's Battlefield or the flower in Relic of Fog. It does not affect the statue in Dark Banquet's 8th floor, however.

In Other LocalizationsEdit

Miraculous Chakra

North America

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Chakra Miracle Chakra Miracle
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