Chaos Sheild
Chaotic Shield
Throws the shield horizontally to the front. The shield will fly a certain distance and keep spinning on the spot to pull nearby enemies.
Learned by
Class Heretic
Type Instant
Attribute Dark
Cooldown 15 sec (PvE)
25 sec (PvP)
Maximum Level 10
Character Level 26
Skill Points 30 SP used on Cleric skills
Required Skill/s Shield Smash
Learning Fee 3 SP to learn
1 SP to level
Gameplay Video
Chaos Shield00:06

Chaos Shield

Skill Information Edit

Skill Level Level Required ATK
1 26 704% 53%
2 31 738% 64%
3 36 773% 73%
4 41 807% 87%
5 46 841% 107%
6 51 999% 161%
7 56 1069% 177%
8 61 1122% 193%
9 66 1180% 208%
10 (M) 71 1242% 219%

Heretic Skills
Execute Execute Soul Steal Soul Steal Shield Smash Shield Smash Guilty Attack Guilt Attack
Evil Hand Evil Hand Evil Stain Evil Stain
Carnage Carnage Brutal Soul Brutal Soul Chaotic Shield Chaos Shield Hitting Revenant Flaming Revenant
Savage Attack Savage Attack Pain to Gain Pain to Gain Cruel Rush Cruel Rush
Devastation Devastation Land Corruption Land Corruption Deadly Blow Deadly Blow
Death Gate Death Gate

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