[Lv. 80] To Mistland IEdit

[Lv. 80] To Mistland IEdit

[Lv. 80] The Next GuardianEdit

[Lv. 80] Vanished DragonsEdit

[Lv. 80] The Girl at Aorta GatewayEdit

[Lv. 82] The Blue Viper of MercaEdit

[Lv. 82] To the Blue Wind PlainsEdit

[Lv. 82] Tryan's IntentionsEdit

[Lv. 82] Brother's News IEdit

[Lv. 82] Brother's News IIEdit

[Lv. 82] What Constitutes SinEdit

[Lv. 84] A Spark in the BarnEdit

[Lv. 84] The Dream of PuppetsEdit

[Lv. 84] From the Beginning, Or Before ThatEdit

[Lv. 85] Take Care of My BrotherEdit

[Lv. 85] A Tragic WorldEdit

[Lv. 85] The Target of DisasterEdit

[Lv. 85] The Girl's DeterminationEdit

[Lv. 85] A New GuardianEdit

[Lv. 85] Iris AgainEdit

[Lv. 87] Grele Gone MissingEdit

[Lv. 87] The One Who Found the AnswerEdit

[Lv. 87] Trust No OneEdit

[Lv. 87] The God of MarionettesEdit

[Lv. 89] Relaxed OverlordsEdit

[Lv. 89] Children of DarknessEdit

[Lv. 89] Midnight StarsEdit

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