For Chapter 6 scenarios for other classes, see Chapter 6: Fairystar (Academic).

[Lv. 40] Lotus MarshEdit

[Lv. 40] Witch of the SwampEdit

[Lv. 40] Wildcat GirlEdit

[Lv. 40] The Disappearing NativesEdit

[Lv. 40] Doubtful SuggestionEdit

[Lv. 40] Chief's AmuletEdit

[Lv. 40] Unkind ReunionEdit

[Lv. 40] Uncertain InformationEdit

[Lv. 40] Rescue the NativesEdit

[Lv. 43] The Most Important ThingEdit

[Lv. 43] Green DiseaseEdit

[Lv. 43] Karahan's RecipeEdit

[Lv. 43] Across Your MindEdit

[Lv. 43] Dragon Follower's BaseEdit

[Lv. 43] Hidden LegacyEdit

[Lv. 43] Reason for Being StrongerEdit

[Lv. 45] For My FriendEdit

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