Charge Bolt
Charge Bolt
Summons small lightnings using light magic and shoots them in 4 directions above the ground. Targets that are hit accurately will be [Electrocuted] at a low chance.
Learned by
Class Cleric
Type Debuff
Attribute Light
Cooldown 10 sec (PvE)
16 sec (PvP)
Maximum Level 26
Debuffs Electrocution: Causes periodic shocks that interrupt actions every 5 seconds until the debuff wears off.
Character Level 3
Skill Points 3 SP to learn
1 SP to increase level
Gameplay Video
No Movie Available

Charge Bolt is a Cleric skill available at Level 3. It drives a lightning bolt into the ground, which spreads in four directions, striking enemies in its path with Light-attribute magic damage. Each hit has a 10% chance of giving the Electrocution debuff on the enemy.

Skill Information Edit

Notes Edit

  • Charge Bolt strikes four times on each direction while it spreads outward, making it good on large enemies, especially sluggish boss mobs.

In Other LocalizationsEdit

Righteous Bolt

North America

Charged Bolt


Changelog Edit

  • Patch Version 140: Character level requirement lowered from Level 4 to Level 3, (PVP) Duration is changed to 7 sec.
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