Charged Missile
Charged Missile
Click and hold the attack button, then release to release the fierce attack.








Hold down the attack button for 1.5 seconds to charge this skill. You will then charge a piercing missile that thrusts the target back. This skill reaches further than your regular attacks by 2m. This ability turns your rapid fire auto attack into a charge up attack. A quick press of the left trigger is still a quick single bolt but after acquiring this ability holding down the button will always start charging. Holding the button for a shorter time than 1.5 seconds results in losing the attack, while longer will not charge any more. You can move while charging this ability but when you release you will stand still for a moment. Make sure to weight the power attack vs rapid fire mechanics before acquiring this ability, if you wish to have a low cost spam able piercing bolt then put multiple points into this ability, if you want a no thought constant source of small damage then do not put points into this and keep the rapid fire.


  • Level 8 Sorceress/Elemetal Lord/Force User

Skill Trainer:

Sorceress - Charged Missile

Sorceress - Charged Missile

Charged Missle action