Charged Shot EX
Charged Shot EX
[Charged Shot]'s attack area, attack power and action speed are increased and you will get [Wind Arrow] when [Siege Stance] hits enemies accurately. You can accumulate 20 [Wind Arrow] and when [Charge Shot] is used, you can use 10 [Wind Arrow] to use [Wind Shaft] attack. You can hold the [Normal Attack Button] down to charge longer to use [Wind Shaft] attack.

[Charged Shot]'s ATK increased by 30%
[Wind Shaft]'s ATK per hit : Charged Shot's 90% (PvP: 50%)

Learned by
Class Sniper
Type Passive Enhancement
Mana Cost 230 MP (PvE)
694 MP (PvP)
Maximum Level 1
Character Level 48
Skill Points 65 SP used on Bowmaster skills
Required Skill/s Charged Shot
Learning Fee 3 SP to learn
Gameplay Video
Charged Shot EX00:05

Charged Shot EX

Additional Info Edit

Skills that can be used while tumbling (i.e., [Fake Shot] and [Triangle Shot]) can be used to follow through this skill.

Sniper Skills
Critical Break Critical Break
Awakening Skills
Awakened Passive A (AP) Siege Stance (Aim) Awakened Passive E (AP) Siege Stance (Accumulate)
Sliding Shot Sliding Shot Camouflage Camouflage
Awakened Passive D (AP) Tumble Awakened Passive 2E (AP) Piercing Shot
Cheating Point Cheating Point Charged Shot EX Charged Shot EX
Aerial Chain Shot EX Aerial Chain Shot EX
Siege Stance EX Siege Stance EX
Class Mastery Class Mastery Arrow Shower EX Arrow Shower EX
Class Mastery II Class Mastery II Cheating Point EX Cheating Point EX

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