Npc right charty
Gender Female
Race Hybrid
Relatives Grandfather
Status Deceased
Voiced by Haruka Tomatsu (Japanese)
Additional Information

Charti is an hybrid who lives in a settlement near Riverwort Wharf. She belongs to the Padu Tribe which is suffering from an epidemic that mutates their bodies, and was the only one capable of finding a cure for her tribesmen. At one point, she is also used as the vessel for the jewel of the Green Dragon Kujata.


Unlike most beastmen who live in the vicinity of Riverwort Wharf, Charti is unwelcoming towards those who are not of her own kind, and is sometimes even rude to her closest friend Cidel, even if he has been helping her in looking for a cure for her tribe's illness. After some time of looking for a cure, she cooperated with Karahan, who claims to have the key to the survival of the tribe. However, as time went on, Charti's body slowly weakens not only due to becoming infected herself, but also due to the Green Dragon's jewel embedded inside her body in a dormant state. In addition to this, Charti ultimately fails to save her tribe and her grandfather, which were executed by minions of the Dragon Followers. Eventually, Karahan extracted the jewel from Charti, and the corruption in her body transformed her into a monster, forcing the Player to give her an honorable death.


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