The Chaser was a joke class that was supposed to be released on the April 2 patch alongside the Kali. The Chaser hails from the Goblin race and has an arsenal of skills reminiscent of the Academic class. It was the second April Fools' content released after the Invisible Dragon Wings Event, and was not designed to be implemented into the game. The announcements of the Chaser class, including the minisite dedicated for the class, were removed on March 25, one whole week before its announced release date.


The Chaser is said to be the "Chaser of the Legendary Loincloth", although there has been no stories released relevant to the release of the class. The Chaser wears a red coat similar to Christmas-inspired clothing and uses a Hound as a weapon, releasing "bubbles" similar to the Alchemist's kabala. The Chaser can also use a dagger.

In battle, the Chaser uses powerful debilitating skills that can, in theory, rip through groups of enemies.


  • Mouth Battle - Specialized for PVP. Constantly nags at nearby allies to increase allies’ irritation to the max which will in turn increase the latter’s attack power by 100%. This skill has a downside however, as he may get beaten up as a side effect.
  • Teasing - Teases enemies within 100m about their ugly looks to agitate and lure them into a fight. (The Chaser’s defense power becomes 0 at the same time.)
  • Hound Breath - The summoned Hound opens its mouth and breathes a poisonous air of bad breath. Enemies are immediately stunned and immobilized for 1 minute.
  • Hound Boom - When Hounds are summoned, they charge towards enemies and poop at their feet. The enemies slip on the poop and crashes onto the ground. Their attack power also increases by 50%.


Chaser spec tree

The Specialization tree for the Chaser.

At Level 15, the Chaser may choose to become a Sparta Goblin, which may focus on using the Dagger, or the Mechablin, which has the Hound as its main weapon.

At Level 45, Sparta Goblins may change to the Persia Goblin or the Turk Goblin, while Mechablins may change to Goldblins or Assablins.

Only the skills for the Chaser were revealed.


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