Chef Nye Nye
Gender Male
Race Feline (humanoid)
Age Unknown
Alias All-Around Cat
Multipurpose Kitten
Occupation Chef
Harori's personal assistant
Current Location Riverwort Wharf
Status Alive
Voiced by KOKIA (Japanese)
Additional Information

Chef Nye Nye is a cat who works as Harori's personal chef and attendant. Despite his hardships in the hands of the "Queen Idol of Lagendia", he continues to serve her, trying his best to satisfy her appetite using his culinary know-how.


According to Nye Nye himself, he learned how to talk and do different things a human can do after suffering from beatings over the years. It is unknown if Harori was his first master, but it is implied that he wasn't treated any better in the hands of the famous idol. He remembers experiencing having a plate thrown on his head after making mistakes over a dish Harori ordered him to prepare.

Nye Nye is first known in his many requests to adventurers in Mana Ridge regarding which dish he would prepare for Harori through Commission Boards there. Later on, he has started to ask directly from adventurers when they began to flock to Lotus Marsh. He can be seen in Riverwort Wharf.


  • "I always wished that I could get back at her, but she always has the upper hand against me! Meoooww..."


In other localizationsEdit


Nyan Nyan, Japanese name.


North American name.

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