Chests are wooden containers commonly found in dungeons across Lagendia. They vary in content depending on what type of chest is found, and can give valuable items and gold to players who open one.

Kinds of chestsEdit

There are mainly three kinds of chests found in dungeons: the wooden chest, the iron chest and the Royal Chest, arranged according to increasing rarity. Wooden and iron chests are commonly found in dungeons of all rarities, and the only difference between the wooden and iron chests is the tendency of iron chests to give higher sums of gold and better quality items than their wooden counterpart.

The Royal Chest, on the other hand, can only be found in a particular place in a dungeon, and has a low chance of appearing in that particular location. Compared to wooden and iron chests, Royal Chests give gemstones of the normal, magic and rare rarities, along with rare weapons and armor, and an even larger sum of gold than its iron counterpart. Heraldries also appear, although at a lower chance. Royal Chests can be seen in dungeons of Hard difficulty and above.

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