Child (plural Childs) is a term used to pertain to powerful Mistland beings who were "awakened" and directly act according to the will of the goddess Vestinel. Awakened Childs are characterized for their bright yellow eyes.


During the creation of Mistland, Vestinel scattered the jewel of the slain Beyond Dragon among the inhabitants of her dreamworld. This action did not show any immediate effects, but it also turned every single being in Mist Land as a vessel of a miniscule piece the Beyond Dragon's jewel. The jewel, however, can be "awakened" by exposing the being to strong negative emotions, such as revenge, grief or despair. Upon awakening, the being turns into a Child, losing one's memories of its previous life and free will in exchange for gaining strength that's far beyond any normal Mist Land being.

Although Childs lose the memories of being a normal inhabitant of Mist Land, they gain the instinct of making contact with loved ones with the intention of killing them, a behavioral pattern that was speculated as a result of the transformation itself. Childs are also hostile against each other, and tend to destroy weaker ones with the aim of taking that Child's jewel and gaining more power in a process called "jewel hunting".

The power possessed by a Child somehow grants them leverage in a variety of aspects. High Childs like Tryan can influence affairs in politics and can assemble stronger forces to eliminate other Childs by strategy as opposed to directly confronting others in jewel hunting. On the other hand, the influence of a Child is only as strong as the Child that would slay them.

Childs are often categorized into three ranks of increasing power: Low, Middle and High.

Mutant Childs

The process of awakening a Mist Land inhabitant into a Child can also bring an unusual effect, with the resulting Child managing to retain one's past memories and personality. This kind of Child is called a Mutant, and is a rarity among Childs, although they also have the same issues as normal Childs that make them more dangerous than those who simply act on Vestinel's will. Currently, Grele and Gregory are the only known cases of a Mutant Child.

List of Known Childs

Name Rank Notes Status
Tryan High Owns an estate near Blue Sand Trading Route; holds political influence in Merca's Heart Deceased
Miksollatun Middle Warrior Child that guards Tryan's Territory Killable
Hiver Unknown, possibly High Former member of the Anti-Goddess Faction; transformed into a Child after a near-death experience; currently holds Gui's jewel Alive
Grele High Hiver's younger brother; turned into a mutant Child after witnessing the death of Hiver, killing Tryan in the process Alive
Investigator Anser Low Affiliated to the Anti-Goddess Faction; investigates Child-related criminal activity Deceased
Gui Unknown, possibly High Has a similar name as Hiver's brother who was killed by Tryan's men; has enough power as a Child to set up a Nest and transform into a dragon Deceased
Owner of the Frozen Sanctuary Unknown Previous owner of the region where Ice Dragon Nest currently stands Deceased
Mamon Unknown Leader of Army of Destruction troops stationed on Vulcanus Swamp Deceased
Gregory Low Spy who used to work under Mamon Alive
Harpa High Child who holds influence over the Eastern Lands Unknown
Pillager of the Lazuli Kingdom Unknown Unnamed sole destroyer of the Lazuli Kingdom Deceased
General Jade Alive
Hirendel Alive