Class Mastery
Class Mastery
Strength increases by 30%

Intellect increases by 30%

When enemy is hit accurately with a Light Attribute skill, the character will get a buff for 5 seconds which increases weapon attack by 10% (PvP: 5%).
When enemy is hit accurately with a Light Attribute skill, cooldown for skills Electric Smite and Electric Smite EX will be reduced by 2 second (PvP: 1 second).
Buff cooldown 0.5 second

Learned by
Class Crusader
Type Passive
Attribute Neutral
Maximum Level 1
Character Level 65
Skill Points 1 SP to learn
65 SP used on Paladin skills
Gameplay Video
No Movie Available

The Class Mastery skill for the Crusader is a skill available at Level 65. When the user attacks using Light-attribute skills, the user receives a buff that increases the user's attack by 10% (5% in PvP) for 5 seconds and adds an effect that recovers the cooldown of Electric Smite and Electric Smite EX by 2 seconds (1 second in PvP).

The buff has a cooldown of 0.5 seconds.

Crusader Skills
Judge's Power Judge's Power
Judgement Hammer Judgement Hammer Holy Relic EX Holy Relic EX
Sacred Hammering EX Sacred Hammering EX
Lightning Zap EX Lightning Zap EX
Class Mastery Class Mastery Electric Smite EX Electric Smite EX
Class Mastery II Class Mastery II Judgement Hammer EX Judgement Hammer EX

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