Class Mastery II
Class Mastery II
When Tumble is used, Flash Stance changes to Instant for a while. 3 sword energies are shot at once and duration is greatly shortened.
Learned by
Class Moonlord
Type Passive
Cooldown 1.5 secs
Maximum Level 1
Character Level 90
Required Skill/s Class Mastery (Moonlord)
Flash Stance Level 1
Learning Fee 1 SP
Gameplay Video
No Movie Available

Skill Information (Pre 93 Cap) Edit

Level Req. Level ATK bonus
1 90 +5%


  • Flash Stance does not share cooldown with Instant.
  • Tumble is the trigering skill
  • Stance duration is 3 seconds
  • Enable dash motion when press W key
  • fast swing motion produce 3 slash per swing
  • Stance still cancelable by Final Slash (Special Attack) anytime
  • Still -50 speed in PVP area

93 Cap Update

  • As of now Flash Stance Instant is remove, also the trigerrization of Tumble
  • Own magic attack is increase by 18% in PVE and 5% in PVP.
  • New Instant is now Halfmoon Slash
  • Provoking Slam is the new triggerization skill
  • When Provoking Slam is used. The Halfmoon Slash change to Instant and cast instantly, cast one swing but the damage is equal to twice swing of the Halfmoon Slash EX
  • 5 Bubble (Magic Energy) is consume to activate the skill (Instant or not / PVP & PVE)
  • In PVE, the cooldown of Halfmoon Slash is now 6 seconds but consumbe Bubbles (Magic Energy)

Pre 93 Cap Tactics "Flash Stance Instant" Edit

  • Can cast the Flash Stance Instant 3 times in one Tumble, act as x3 multicast (Only applied to kDN, jDN, cDN)
  • Abusive of Final Slash (Special Attack) is still possible
  • On SEA. By waiting 3 seconds after tumble, using the Flash Instant at the mere second, dash and using the Final Slash. The 3 second internal cooldown is now off and you can used another Flash Stance Instant and throw the Final Slash act as a x2 Multicast (only possible on PVP since -50 speed is applied). Very tricky but possible to do
  • Act as a 4th recovery state whenever using tumble and getting injured (even mid-air). Key point is using Tumble skill before getting injured. Good recovery for evading skill like Spectrume Rain.
  • After using Cyclone Slash EX, using the Flash Instant to flinch and prevent them to avoid the tornado

Additional Info (Pre 93 Cap) Edit

  • By the time DNsea have 90 Cap, the patch is already provided to limit the 3 times multicast of the instant. Having 3 seconds internal cooldown after Tumble. But 2 times multicast is possible but tricky
  • Patch provided to limit / can't casting the instant when injured. 4th recovery state won't be possible anymore.

Additional Info (93 Cap) "Halfmoon Slash Instant" Edit

  • Halfmoon Slash instant casting time is instantaneous. Can used the instant skill anytime on the duration of Provoking Slam
  • Have and after-skill delay when using the Halfmoon Slash Instant (bug?)
  • In PVP, the damage of Halfmoon Slash instant is just the same as the single swing of the EX version not the same as two swings (Bug?)
  • Moonlord first instant casting skill


In Other LocalizationsEdit

클래스 마스터리 II

Class Mastery II, Korea

Moonlord Skills
Moonblade Dance Moonblade Dance
Awakened Passive E (AP) Eclipse Awakened Passive A (AP) Provoking Slam
Moon Blader (AP) Moon Blader Smash X (AP) Smash X
Awakened Passive E (AP) Cyclone Slash Awakened Passive B (AP) Moonlight Splitter
Awakening Skills
Flash Stance Flash Stance Moonlight Splitter EX Moonlight Splitter EX
Cyclone Slash EX Cyclone Slash EX
Crescent Cleave EX Crescent Cleave EX
Class Mastery Class Mastery Halfmoon Slash EX Halfmoon Slash EX
Class Mastery II Class Mastery II Moonblade Dance EX Moonblade Dance EX

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