Class Mastery II (Sting Breezer)
Class Mastery II
When Spring Haze is used, Dent Blow EX changes to Instant for a while and can be used quickly and immediately. When Spring Haze hits the enemy, Dent Blow EX Instant's cooldown is recovered by 24 sec.
Learned by
Class Sting Breezer
Type Passive
Maximum Level 1
Character Level 90
Skill Points 1 SP to learn
Required Skill/s Dent Blow EX and Class Mastery (Sting Breezer)
Gameplay Video
No Movie Available

The Class Mastery II skill of the Sting Breezer is a skill available at Level 90. Using Spring Haze changes Dent Blow EX into an instant that can be used immediately after Rushing Blade. Hitting an enemy using Spring Haze causes the Dent Bloe EX instant to recover 24 seconds of its cooldown. Additionally, this skill passively increases the user's attack by 5%.

Dent Blow EX does not share its cooldown with the Dent Blow EX instant.

Sting Breezer Skills
Arcane Focus Arcane Focus
Poking Beehive Poking Beehive Hoving Blade EX Hovering Blade EX
Spear Hand EX Spear Hand EX
Piercing Spike EX Piercing Spike EX
Class Mastery Class Mastery Dent Blow EX Dent Blow EX
Class Mastery II Class Mastery II Poking Beehive EX Poking Beehive EX

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