Gender Male
Race Human
Age Unknown
Occupation Cleric, Dragon Follower (deserter)
Current Location Unknown
Status Alive
Additional Information
Affiliation Cleric Order

Cleric Oliver is a member of the Cleric Order who defected to the Dragon Followers some time ago. By the present time, he is considered a deserter, and is on the run after a fellow Cleric was killed for abandoning the movement.


Oliver heard news of a Cleric who was found dead in Ruins of Lost Time and immediately prepared to leave for the sea, in fears that the Dragon Followers would also kill him. He stated that he and the Cleric found in Ruins of Lost Time had abandoned the Dragon Followers some time in the past, and soon finds himself close to suffering the same fate. True enough, he was branded with the mark often used for traitors and deserters of the movement after being cornered in Explosion Zone in Withered Leaves Forest, although he survived with the intervention of the Player and White Rose, who was on the hunt for new leads to the ones responsible for her parents' death.

Seeing that Oliver has valuable information about the Dragon Followers, White Rose decides to keep Oliver safe while trying to look for an opportunity to travel to Lotus Marsh to search for Dragon Follower activity.

Oliver's current whereabouts are unknown.

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