Collapsed Mine
Location Dark Mines Entrance, near Hermalte Port
Race/s Orcs
Dark elves
Boss Ogre Crushy
Dark Smoke
Instance Info
Instance Type Dungeon
Recommended Levels 28 (Easy)
28 (Normal)
29 (Hard)
29 (Master)
31 (Abyss)
Party Size Limit 4
Bosses and Mini-bosses

Ogre Crushy
Dark Smoke

Collapsed Mine is a Level 28 dungeon located in the Dark Mines Entrance near Hermalte Port. Part of the vast mining complex of the Dark Overlord Army, this section of the mine reveals part of the City of Death.

This dungeon is unique for having two different bosses depending on the route chosen by players.


Collapsed Mine has a total of four zones, two of which reserved for each of the two bosses in the dungeon and one acting as a "forked road" that would take players to one or the other boss.

  • The first zone brings players to a Dark Overlord Army encampment, where orcs and goblins armed with explosives among others confront players. After taking care of these, the players would use the remaining explosives reserved for further exploration to go deeper into the map.
  • The second area brings players to a forked road. Going to the rightmost road would bring the player to the route towards Ogre Crushy's location, while the leftmost one would lead to Dark Smoke. After proceed through a chosen route, the rubble closes up the path behind, preventing the player to go back. Players must continue with going around the area, returning to remnants of the previous area at times, before heading to the boss area.
  • Depending on what the players choose, the final area would involve fighting against Dark Shades lead by Dark Smoke or Ogre Crushy himself.


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