Location unknown, presumably near Saint Haven
Race/s Humans
Instance Info
Instance Type Non-instance zone
Recommended Levels At least 10
Party Size Limit N/A

The Colosseum, also known as simply Colo, is a zone allotted for PvP enthusiasts. Aside from having the only portal that leads to the PvP Lobby, it also includes some of the amenities of a town, like a Blacksmith, Warehouse Manager, and the Mailbox, but also has merchants selling items in exchange for Goddess' Medals and Ladder Points, both obtainable through participating in PvP.

Unlike most zones, it can only be accessed using the Channels option.

You can now press the X button in towns to directly access the Colosseum tab.

The Lobby Edit

Colosseum Game Modes Edit

  • Respawn - Players return to the battlefield with a delay time after being defeated.
  • Rounds - Players in one team try to defeat all members of the opposing team.
  • Free for All - Every man for himself: players try to survive while killing everyone else.
  • Captain Mode - Teams attempt to protect a Captain chosen in their team at random.
  • Ghoul Mode - Ghouls versus humans: ghouls must eat humans to turn them into more ghouls, while humans must either kill the ghouls or turn them back to normal.
  • Ladder - Server-wide rankings based on 1v1 and 3v3.
  • Wonderful Racing - The Colosseum version of the racing mini-game in Wonderful Theme Park.
  • Occupational War - Teams attempt to capture and hold strategic points before the other team.
  • Rumble Mode - A large-scale battlefield similar to Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas.
  • Ghoul Mode: Game of Thrones - A free-for-all between ghouls.

Colosseum NPCsEdit

  • Blacksmith Girin
  • Warehouse Keeper Posha
  • Trading House Master Victor
  • Elite Shopkeeper Riennes
  • Ladder Shopkeeper Raphael
  • Ladder Shopkeeper Michael

PvP Ranking Edit


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