Holy power will seep into the ground within 5m to give damage to enemies in the area.
Grand Cross and Holy Burst skills are enhanced when used within this area.

Grand Cross damage +400%
Holy Burst damage +500%

Learned by
Class Inquisitor
Type Debuff
Attribute Light
Cooldown 30 sec (PvE)
35 sec (PvP)
Mana Cost 1302 MP (PvE)
3205 MP (PvP)
Maximum Level 11
Buffs Skill Boost: Damage of Grand Cross and Holy Burst is increased while inside the area of effect.
Character Level 50
Skill Points 3 SP to learn
1 SP to increase level
65 SP used on Priest skills
Required Skill/s Shock Transition
Gameplay Video


Consecration is an Inquisitor skill available at Level 50. It creates a large zone where enemies standing on it are dealt Light-attribute magical damage and have their Light Resist lowered. Priests who stand on an active AoE of Consecration will have the next usage of Grand Cross and Holy Burst boosted to 400% and 500% of normal damage respectively.

Skill Information Edit

Skill Level Level Required Magical ATK
1 50 3695% 719%
2 53 3806% 747%
3 56 3916% 776%
4 59 4027% 804%
5 62 4137% 824%
6 65 4728% 949%
7 68 4839% 965%
8 71 5476% 1053%
9 74 5586% 1070%
10 77 5697% 1086%
11 (M) 80 6287% 1151%
+1 - 6916% 1266%
+2 - 7400% 1355%

Notes Edit

  • Recommended not to be used on steep areas inside a dungeon i.e flight of stairs or mounds, while facing a wall and in front of highly aggressive monster and/or bosses because of a few scenarios:
    • It should never be used on a steep location because Consecration calculates its 5m AOE radius based on flat ground although it may work sometimes but most of the time Consecration will not appear and deal damage as what it is supposed to do therefore making the skill wasted.
    • As stated above Consecration derives its AOE from flat ground meaning casting it in front or while facing a wall is absolutely pointless for the skill's effectiveness as Consecration is NOT a non-map collision skill much like a Priest's Grand Cross.
    • For usage against hordes of monsters a player should be wary about his position whenever casting Consecration although it has good range and massive AOE this skill has a rather fair Super Armor casting buff meaning it can be easily cancelled by a mere hammer throw of an elite orc monster or a Normal boss attack.

Inquisitor Skills
Shock Transition Shock Transition
Awakening Skills
Awakened Passive B (AP) Lightning Bolt Awakened Passive E (AP) Detonate
20px Judgement Spear 20px Lightning Storm
Awakened Passive B (AP) Avenging Wave Awakened Passive E (AP) Consecration
Consecration Consecration Lightning Bolt EX Lightning Bolt EX
Mind Breaker EX Mind Breaker EX
Chain Lightning EX Chain Lightning EX
Class Mastery Class Mastery Detonate EX Detonate EX
Class Mastery II Class Mastery II Consecration EX Consecration EX

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