This page contains old content that has been removed from the game.


In every item, there are 3 important components: Item (Grade), Purified Monster's Powder and Materials. The different grade of items gives different potential stats as well as defense/mdef attributes.

Upon applying the relevant materials, the item will obtain a suffix empowerment. Each suffix uses the same number of Purified Monster's Powder, eg: (Wind) uses only Pasus, (Iron Will) uses only Potencia and Herba. The quantity varies according to the level of the item.

Purified Monster's Powder

There are 5 types of powers found in Dungeons.

  1. Anima
  2. Herba
  3. Pasus
  4. Potencia
  5. Sophia
Monster's Powder Attributes
Anima Neutral. Used for items with generic stats
Herba VIT or HP.
Pasus AGI
Potencia STR
Sophia INT


Different Monster Powders can be found in different locations. These locations are usually fixed. For higher chance of drop rate, run the dungeons in Master Mode

Powders (Rare)

Anima Prayer Resting Place

Silent Monastry Main Hall

  1. Road of No Return
  1. Catacombs Hall
  1. Sanctuary Core
  2. Church Ruins
  1. Dark Tower Magic Institude
  2. Death Basin

Extract (Rare)

|- | | Anima |

  1. Abandon Welton Hallow
  2. Downstream River

|- | |Herba |

  1. Dark Marissa Spring
  2. River Ruins

|- | |Pasus |

  1. Dark Overlord Assembly
  2. Collapsed Mines

|- | |Potencia |

  1. Dark Overlord Training Camp
  2. Dark Mines

|- | |Sophia |

  1. Dark Overlord Keep
  2. Forsaken Islet


Crystals (Rare)

  1. Sunken Cargo Vessel
  2. Captain Darlant's Base
  1. Dark Overlord Tower
  2. Forsaken Islet Core
  1. Gates to Death City
  2. Explosion Zone in Withered Leaves Forest
  1. Road to Death City
  2. Ghost Town of Isolated Forest
  1. Ruins of Lost Time
  2. Land Of No Return

Level 24 Materials

Only in Dungeons that is unlocked at level 16, are you able to begin farming for materials. There are 2 types of materials, Magic and Rare. Magic-typed material drops only from bosses, while Rare-typed materials dropped from captains of a various monsters (monsters with purple names)

Note that some of these monsters appear in other dungeons. They stand a chance of dropping upon death. However, it does not change the level of the item used.

Icon Name Type Location Monster
Loose Belt Magic
  1. Road of No Return
  2. Dark Overlord Keep
Ogre Chubaka or Ogre Barbarians
Rusty Music Box Magic
  1. Dark Tower Magic Institude
  2. Silent Monastry Main Hall (rare)
Spider Queen Raren or Giant Spiders
Ice Ring Magic
  1. Silent Monastry Main Hall
  2. Road of No Return
  3. Ruins of Lost Time

Ice Brethen

Chain of Fragment Death Magic
  1. Death Basin
  2. Abadon Welton Hallow
Death Reaper
Poison Pill Magic Prayer Resting Place Manticore Keruru
Enchanted Memory Photo (Right) Magic Catacombs Hall Minotaur Knight Banruha

Level 32 Materials

Icon Name Type Location Monster
Unquenchable Fire Rare
  1. Dark Overlord Keep
  2. Dark Overlord Assembly
Fire Brethen Mages
Eye Ornament Magic
  1. Dried Marissa Spring
Evil Eyes
Neck Panache Magic
  1. River Ruins
  2. Forsaken Islet Core
Blue Scaled Lizards
Goblin Iron Symbol Magic
  1. Fortress of the Dark Overlord
  2. Dark Overlord Training Camp
Armored Hobgoblin
Orc's Old Water Bottle Magic
  1. Dark Mines
  2. Collapsed Mines
Orc Pyromaniac
Dented Steel Plate Magic
  1. Dark Overlord Training Camp
  2. Fortress of the Dark Overlord (Abyss)
  3. Dark Overlord Tower (Abyss)
Two-Horned Armored Ogre
Remove Explosives Rare
  1. Abandoned Welton Hollow (rare)
  2. Dried Marissa Spring (rare)
  3. Explosion Site at Withered Leaves Forest
  4. Ghost Town
Bomber Ghouls
Goblin Shackles Rare
  1. Dark Mines
  2. Collapsed Mines
Goblin Tactician

These are the new crafting materials for the set equipment

Level Icon Name Type Location Set
24 Minotaur Horn Rare

Minotaur Nest

Elf Queen's Corps Set
32 Cerberus Whitening Gum

Cerberus Tail


Cerberus Nest

Cerberus Set
40 Rare

Manticore Nest

Manticore Set
40 Rare

Apocalypse Nest

Apocalypse Set
50 Rare Ancient Totem Set
50 Rare Immortal Set
60 Rare Dangerous Desire's Set
60 Rare Twisted Obssesion Set
60 Rare Honourable Tribe's Set
70 Rare Full Moon Maple Set
70 Rare New Moon Maple Set
80 Rare Asteroid Ranceia Set
80 Rare Meteor Ranceia Set