Crazy Duck Nest
Location Unknown
Race/s Crazy Ducks
Instance Info
Instance Type Event instance
Recommended Levels 80
Entry Ticket None
Party Size Limit 1
Entry Limit Once a day (forfeitures count)

Crazy Duck Nest is a singleplayer event instance introduced during the Crazy Duck Nest event.

Overview Edit

Unlike the typical nest, Crazy Duck Nest can only be accessed through the "Enter Crazy Duck Nest" quest given by Storyteller Kathy in Saint Haven. After talking to Kathy, the player is sent to the instance, where they are transformed into a Crazy Duck with most of the stats intact but with one's active skills disabled.

Stage 1 Edit

The first stage gives the player 3 minutes to head to the center of the map. Hindering the path there are enemy Crazy Ducks with their own abilities.

  • Weird Duck - shoots out bubbles that trap the player's movements and skill use.
  • Devil Duck - occasionally fires lasers on units, causing electrocution
  • Military Duck - summons tiny ducks that cause explosion
  • Red, Blue, Yellow and Black Ducks - aggressive towards the player and will approach the player to attack; attacks toss the player up in the air
  • Strolling Duck - aggressive towards the player; attacks will not toss the player

This stage affects which part of the next stage will be available to the player.

Stage 2a Edit

Stage 2b: Giant Crazy Duck Edit

If the player fails to make it through Stage 1 in time, the player will be sent to the part of the instance where a Giant Crazy Duck is located. This encounter is easier than the two macho Crazy Ducks, but the reward chest will not include a Crazy Duck Nest Exchange Coupon or a Festival Weapon.

Rewards Edit

  • Gold
  • Gold Pouch, 1 per run
  • Premium Gems (Alteum and Diamond only)
  • Level 80 Magic Rarity Normal Grade Enhancement Talismans
  • Crazy Duck Nest Exchange Coupons, 1 per run
  • Festival Gemstones
  • Festival Enhancement Stones
  • Random Festival Weapon, 1 per run

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