Crescent Cleave EX
Crescent Cleave EX
Crescent Cleave's skill speed becomes faster and sword energy is increased to 5. After the skill is used, enter [Normal Attack Button] to shoot 2 additional sword energy. During the skill, holding [Back Direction Button] will make the sword energy to be fired in a narrow path.






Passive Enhancement


Crescent Cleave EX00:27

Crescent Cleave EX

Enchance Cresent Cleave speed becomes faster. Press (Normal Attack) to swing additional sword energy. Fires waves precisely when moving backward under a cast.

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Ability Edit

  • Increase the Attack Power, AOE range and Casting Speed
  • The second swing can be delay for a while
  • The second Swing have the ability to lift the target (but doesn't show because of being hitted continuously)
  • second swing can camera move in any direction for positioning

Variation 2 Edit

  • Press and hold "S" button when casting the skill to narrow the waves.

93 Cap Update Edit

TODO........................ Description

Requirements Edit

Master Level Required Skill Required Sword Master SP Total more then:
Lv. 1 60 Crescent Cleave 65

Skill Information Edit

Skill Level Level Required ATK per sword energy hit:
1 (M) 60 +20%

Additional Info Edit

  • It only increase the casting time not the animation itself
  • Color, Animation Change and Opacity

Before Change Edit

File:Dragonnest 龍之谷 60EX 月之領主"MoonLord" 弦月劍氣 CrecentcleaveEx 展示by半糖

After Change Edit

File:Cerberus Nest Lv 60 Sword & Acro

Trivia Edit

  • In the early 60 Cap, There's a Bug when casting the skill that won't narrow/precise the waves in PVP, need to walk backward first before using the skill.
  • Don't need to walk backward before the skill in PVE
  • The animation, color and opacity is change before the implementation of 60 Cap in DNsea, from the dark blue opacity with flaming after-trail to the lighter opacity with light blue color with 8-bit flake trail. The changes is permanent till present Cap
  • 2nd skill to alter the animation, color & opacity on 60 Cap (Not DNsea). 1st is Cyclone Slash EX
  • When acquired the Halfmoon Slash EX and Cyclone Slash EX Awakening. The Crescent Cleave EX is now have the Slowest Casting Time for MoonLord
  • The 2nd skill having a very confusing description in the early stage and until now (1st is Great Wave)
  • Both spread and precise waves can have advantages depending on the situation
  • Pressing "S" button is not enough to activate variation 2 (Bug?) unlike the description said, still happens in the present cap.
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