Cristal Stream
Location near Calderock Village
Race/s Humans
Instance Info
Instance Type Field map
Recommended Levels Above 10
Party Size Limit 4

Cristal Stream is a waterway that separates the towns of Prairie Town and Mana Ridge with Calderock Village, surrounded by lush greenery and multiple Red Army encampments nearby. As it is a well-known travel route to reach Calderock, scouts have been assigned on the lookout for Red Army activity and the flow of adventurers who come to the town, to the point of requiring passes to allow travelers to get into the village.


  • Cristal Stream consist of the following:
Level Unlocked 9

Commission Boards

Scout Fergus (Quest)

Silent Forest Entrance

Forest Sanctuary

Sleeper's Temple

Temple of Death Entrance

Raider's Den

Sigh Canyon

Forest of Death

Raider's Ambush Point

Nearby Zones

Calderock Village

Blizzard Plain

Gray Ruins

Wind Forest

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