Critical is the stat that represents the chance of dealing a critical attack to the mob or character. Critical attacks hit for an increased amount of damage and is depicted using gold figures, with element symbol if the class has an elemental attribute. The actual critical attack chance depends on both the level of the opponent and the critical resist of the mob or character. A higher level opponent would have higher critical resist and hence a higher critical rating is needed to achieve the same critical chance.

All of the available classes may increase their chance to deal critical damage by adding points to Agility or to their critical rating. However, the maximum critical attack chance for a particular level, regardless of critical rating, is capped at 89%.

The required critical rating to reach the 89% cap are as follows:

Critical Damage Edit

Critical damage is the term used for the type of boosted damage that is inflicted by or on a mob or a character. It is dealt when the player deals a critical attack, but does not ignore enemy defenses or armour rating.

Critical damage may be increased by adding points to Strength, Intelligence, or to their critical damage rating.

The required critical damage rating to deal an additional 100% damage to mobs (thereby dealing 300% critical damage) are as follows:

  • Level 80: 431,970
  • Level 90: 671,160
  • Level 93: 832,524
  • Level 100: 1,075,998, projected value


  • Patch Version 70: Critical attacks now inflict 200% of calculated damage instead of 175%, but no longer ignores enemy defense.

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