Cyclone Axe
Cyclone Axe
Spins the body using centrifugal force to create a powerful tornado and hit nearby enemies several times.
Learned by
Class Mercenary
Type Instant
Cooldown 150 sec (PvE)

225 sec (PvP)

Mana Cost 0 MP
Maximum Level 2
Character Level 40
Skill Points 3 SP to learn
1 SP to increase level
45 SP used on Warrior skills
Required Skill/s Whirlwind or Gigantic Bomb
Gameplay Video
Cyclone Axe

Cyclone Axe

Cyclone Axe is one of the Ultimate skills for the Mercenary, located on the Barbarian side of the Skill Tree.

The user creates a whirlwind that lift enemies in the air, suspending them during the whole duration of the skill. Enemies are still vulnerable to other skills but can't be launched out of the whirlwind.

The boss from Meteor Crash Site Core, Death Knight Edmund, has a variant of this skill. He stabs the ground, sucking the player near him.

Skill Information

Level Req. Level ATK
1 40 5749% 817%
2 60 6929% 960%


  • As Destroyer Class and for catching juggle method, The player uses the Cyclone Axe then followed by the Maelstrom Howl for PvP (since the Mercenary class having at least lv.1 Whirlwind and used for spinning and rolling followed by a Circle Bomb then can use Cyclone Axe then ending with Maelstrom Howl).
  • As Barbarian Class, first, use Bone Crash then second, use Whirlwind then third, uses Rolling Attack and lastly Cyclone Axe.
  • Much like the Cyclone Slash from the Swordmaster, the player can use the Cyclone Axe at a large number of mobs, then use Whirlwind if the mobs survives and then use Rolling Attack to roll into safe spots.

In Other Localizations

Cleaving Gale

North America

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